Solar Photovoltaic Lantern is an instrument to produce light which consists of one CFL, 12 Volt battery and an Electronic System. Besides this, it also consists of one Photovoltaic Module which charges the Battery by converting the Solar Energy into Electricity Energy.



The Solar Water Pumping System provides water supply for irrigation, water circulation, Booster service for drinking purposes.



This is a box type Solar Cooker with outer fibre glass body. It is a simple device for cooking food through the Sun’s rays. It is capable of cooking 4 dishes at a time, twice a day in summer and once a day in winter. It does not fry or bake chapattis. There is no requirement of fuel like kerosene, gas and thus there is no smoke and environmental pollution.



The Street Light works on SPV Electricity, generated directly from sun light through two Solar Cell panels of 30 WP each. The SPV System comprises of 12 V 38 AH tabular storage battery with a light sensor for automatic switching on the light in the evening, control units including charge regulator and battery protection besides Solar Panels



Improved Chullah (wood burning stove). It is simple in design and needs the minimum material for its construction. The stove has been scientifically designed to obtained a correct proportion of air to mix with the fuel to yield a less smoky, less luminous steady and well directed flame.

For better combustion and efficiency, the following conditions are generally necessary.

  • (1) A well directed and centre air flow in the chamber.
  • (2) Optimum quantity of air to mix with fuel excess of air will cool the flame while in sufficiency of air will produce smoke.
  • (3) Good mixing of air with the volatiles liberated by the fuel.



Solar Power Plant is the direct conversion of sun light to electricity. It is an attractive alternative to conventional sources of electricity for many reasons.

  • (a) Silent, non-pollution and renewable.
  • (b) Extremely reliable with minimal maintenance.
  • (c) Modular and versatile.
  • (d) Can be installed all most anywhere.

Solar Photovoltaic Modules are suitable for a variety of applications. These Modules generate electricity directly from sun light using mono-crystalline silicon solar cells laminated in EVA (Ethy 1 Viny 1 Acetate) and high transmission toughened glass as a superstrate. As a silent, non pollution, maintenance free source of energy, these modules are ideal for power generation at remote sites. They can also be used at locations where conventional power supply is erratic.



Solar Home Lighting Systems are manufactured in two configurations (i) Two light Systems with 9 Watt CFLs, (ii) One Lighting and One Fan with 9 Watt CFL & 30 cm. D.C. Table Fan. The main components of Solar Home Lighting Controller to protect the under charging and overcharging of Battery along with the connecting wires. The system works for 4 hours (approximate). The system can also be used for operating the portable B & W T.V. Set.



This is a prototype biogas plant which can produce 0.5 cubic meter Biogas per day. It is a metallic floating type Biogas Plant having Volume of 6 cubic meters. 1012.5 Kgs. of Bio waste (cowdung) with water mixed in equal quantity is fed into the digester daily for its running. The retension time of the digester is five days. The Bio waste fed into the digester gets converted into an excellent urea with a dense composition. This urea is not foul smelling and does not form the breeding ground for flies and mosquitoes and it absorbs moisture and contributes manure for three crop beds. Gas generated from it is used for cooking, producing electricity and running diesel engines with 75% fuel substitution.



This is a domestic Solar Water Heating System of 100 LPD capacity capable of supplying water at a temperature of 500C to 800C depending upon the season and Solar orientation. It is capable of storing 100 LPD of hot water everyday and supplying the same during night or early in the morning.

A Solar collector receives the Solar radiant energy and transfer it to the water pumping through the copper tubes over a black coated surface. This hot water rises above, giving place to denser cold water below, thus causing thermosyphonic circular through collector and hot water tank.



Briquettes produced from bio-mass are fairly good substitute for cool, lignite and firewood and offer numerous advantages, briquettes are cheaper than coal and have a consistent quality, have high burning efficiency, are ideally sized for complete combustion compared to firewood or loose biomass, briquettes give much higher boiler efficiency because of low moisture and higher density and much lower ash content 2-10% as compared to 20-40% in coal). There is no fly ash when burning briquettes.