2. The main objectives of the Programme on Biomass Energy and Co-Generation (non-bagasse) in Industry are given below:-

    1. To encourage the deployment of biomass energy systems in industry for meeting thermal and electrical energy requirements.
    2. To promote decentralized / distributed power generation through supply of surplus power to the grid.
    3. To conserve the use of fossil fuels for captive requirements in industry.
    4. To bring about reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in industry.
    5. To create awareness about the potential and benefits of alternative modes of energy generation in industry.
  3. Scope
  4. The programme will cover the following types of projects and other activities.

    i) Biomass gasifiers for thermal and electrical applications in Industry

    The deployment of small scale gasifiers has already been demonstrated for electrical and thermal energy applications. Greater thrust is proposed to be provided for the deployment of gasifiers of higher capacity, to operate on diversity of biomass feed material, and for specific segments of Industrial applications for captive power generation and production of thermal energy or co-generation of heat and power. Deployment of 100% produce gas engines will be encouraged for achieving higher efficiency and eliminating use of fossil fuels.

    ii) Biomass Co-Generation Projects

    To meet the requirement of captive power and thermal energy, the installation of biomass co-generation projects (excluding bagasse co-generation) is to be promoted in industry, with at least 50% of power of captive use, and a provision for the surplus power to be exported to the grid. This will increase the use of New & Renewable Energy sources and conserve the use of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Use of maximum of 255 conventional fuels would be allowed in such projects.

    iii) Industrial Co-Generation Projects based on Conventional Fuels and their Rejects.

    The installation of co-generation projects based on conventional fuels such as coal, oil, lignite, gas and un/semi-utilized wastes / rejects like dolochar, coal rejects and refinery muds, etc., is to be encouraged in industry, for meeting power and energy requirements.

    iv) Other Promotional Activities

    Other promotional activities would cover potential/resource assessment, preparation of DPRs, organization of seminars / workshop/conference, interactive / business meets, awareness creation activities, and other professional technical services.