1. Water Pumping Windmills (Wind Pumps)
    • The MNRE will meet up to 50% of the ex-works cost of water pumping windmills, except for unelectrified inlands for which up to 90% of the e-works cost, subject to the following upper ceiling for each approved design of the windmill (wind pump):
    • Type of windmill Maximum Amount of MNRE Share  
      General Area Island
      1) Direct drive gear-less windmills such as modified 12PU 500 and similar other Windmills Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 30,000/-
      2) Gear type windmill Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 50,000/-
      3) AV55 Auroville type windmill Rs. 45,000/- Rs. 80,000/-
    • The Ministry will determine the CFA for other designs of water pumping windmills at the time of evaluation of the performance of the new model / design.
    • The MNRE will provide service charges of 2,500 per windmill (windpump) to the state agency.
  2. Aerogenerator /Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems
    • The MNRE will provide financial support as per the details given below. However, the CFA for installation of the systems will be restricted to that available for a maximum capacity of 5KW for aerogeneratos and 10KW for hybrid systems.
    • Sl. No. Application Maximum Amount of MNRE Support
      1. Community Use, and Direct use by Central/State Govt. Defence, para military etc. 75% of ex-works cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 2.00 lakhs per KW; Incase of islands 90% of ex-work cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 2.40 lakhs per KW
      2. Individuals, Industrial users, R&D and academic institutions. 50% of ex-works cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 1.25 lakhs per kW.
    • The remaining cost of the system and all other expenditure related to packing & forwarding, transportation, installation and commissioning of the system will; be met by the state nodal agency and /or users of the system In case of community use, in addition to the state agency share, the beneficiaries will also meet a part of the cost of the system through initial deposits and / or monthly payments, to ensure beneficiaries stake in the systems.
  3. Reimbursement of CFA for feasibility report for Aerogenrator / Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems above 1KW capacity
  4. On approval of the project proposal, MNRE will reimburse an amount of Rs. 10,000/- towards preparation of feasibility report to the state nodal agency / user agency for each eligible approved project proposal, along with the first installment.

  5. CFA for field performance report of newly introduced designs of Aerogenerator / Wind-Solar Hybrid Systems
  6. The MNRE will release an amount of Rs. 15,000/- to the agency / organization directly responsible for the collection of field performance date and submission of quarter / final reports to MNRE for eligible systems, on submission of the performance report.