1. Solar Buildings
    • Preparation of DRPs: CFA @ 50% of the cost of the DPR, subject to a maximum of Rs. 2lakhs, will be provided for preparation of DPRs will be supported in each institutional buildings. A maximum of 10 DPRs will be supported in each State, with the CFA being released on reimbursement basis. The DPRs should normally contain information as per formal given. The proposals generated with be routed through SNAs who will ensure that the DPRs prepared are actually resulted in construction of solar buildings. 50% of the CFA sanctioned will be released on completion and submission of DPRs to MNRE along with SOE and the balance after commencement of building construction as per the DPR. Before submitting the proposals, the SNAs in consultation with PWD / other related Govt. bodies will, certify that the cost of the DPR is reasonable.
    • Demonstration Solar Building : Support for construction of demonstration solar buildings will be provided by the Ministry up to 10% of the cost of construction, subject to a maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs for each project. The support will be available for the buildings of State Nodal Agencies and other public /Govt. buildings. Active solar systems installed in the buildings will be covered under the scheme. Two buildings will be supported in each State, with initial release of 25% of CFA and further releases based on the utilization of funds and the progress made on buildings as per DPR. The proposals will be submitted by the SNAs alongwith DPR. The proposals will be submitted by the SNAs alongwith DPR and certified cost of construction of the building from PWD / other related Govt. bodies.

  2. Promotional Activities
  3. Publication : Support will be provided for compilation and publishing of documents on solar buildings which include popular literature, books and manuals for architects and designers, promotional materials in different languages etc.; award competition for energy efficient buildings; and, formulation of design guidelines for energy efficient buildings, preparation of manuals, information brochures, etc., will supported upto Rs. 2.0 lakhs per activity on case-by-case basis.

    The proposals on above promotional activities could be generated by SNAs / IREDA / technical institutions/ Govt. bodies/Associations etc.