1. Central Financial Assistance (CFA)
    • CFA for installation of systems
      • 50 % of the cost of system, subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000 per sq.m. of dish area for solar concentrating systems, and Rs. 2500 sq.m. of collector area for FPC based solar air heating systems / dryers will be provided on non-profit making institutions / organizations.
      • 35% of the cost of system, subject to a maximum of Rs. 3500/- per sq.m. of dish area for solar concentrating systems, and Rs. 1750 per sq.m. of collectors area for FPC based solar air heating systems/dryers will be provided to commercial / Industrial organizations (profit making and claiming depreciation).
      The systems will be installed at places where conventional fuels is already being used for the required purpose. The minimum eligible size of the system will be 50sq.m of collector area.
    • Service charges to implementation agencies (not for own use)
      • 3% of MNRE support will be provided to implementing agencies (State nodal agencies / Technical Institutions / reputed NGOs) for installed of the systems.
    • Other activities
      • Publicity and awareness : Awareness about the benefits of the systems will be created using print and electronic media through IREDA and SNAa. Upto Rs. 10lakhs support will be provided on case-by-case basis. MNRE will also directly organize publicity campaigns.
      • Seminars / Workshops / symposia / business. Meets etc: For organizations of such events at State and National levels, financial assistance on a case-by-case basis upto Rs. 2.0 lakhs per event, will be provided.
      • Training programmes for installers, entrepreneurs etc : Development of business for system installers, service and repair personal will be encourages. Installers would have to be trained in proper installation and plumbing work involved in the systems, as they will be responsible for their trouble-free operation. Training would also be required for development of entrepreneurs for marketing, business development etc. Training programmes will, therefore, be organized by SNAS/IREDA in association with suppliers for different stakeholders including trainers, installation and service personnel such as plumbers, mechanics etc. at suppliers/manufactures works and also for entrepreneurs. Financial assistance upto Rs. 2 lakhs per programme extending upto one week will be provided on a case-by-case basis for the purpose.
      • Technology Upgradation : In order to promote technology upgradation in industry. Soft loans will be provided to manufactures at a reduced interest rate of 5% through IREDA. The loans will be provided only for projects involving advanced and new technologies which would lead to lower costs of production, improved performance and reliability of the products, etc.
      • Studies, Surveys, etc: The promote the spread of proven technologies and induction of new technologies, financial assistance will be also provided to SNAs/IREDA./Technical Institutions/ reputed NGOs/other organizations for technology assessment, potential assessment, performance surveys, cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact assessment, consultancy development, market development, data base development and management, monitoring and evaluation etc. The support will be limited to Rs. 5 lakhs per project to be provided on case-by-case basis.