Accelerated Programme for the recovery of energy / power generation from industrial and commercial wastes and effluents for implementation in 2005-06

1.0 Objectives

The main objectives of the Accelerated Programme for recovery of energy / power generation from industrial wastes are given below:

  1. To assess and upgrade various conversion technologies.
  2. To create a conductive environment for the development of the sector in the country; and
  3. To accelerate the installation of energy recovery projects from industrial wastes with a view to harness the available potential by 2017.

2.0 Scope

The scheme provided for General Financial Assistance in the form of capital subsidy and Grants-in-Aid in respect of the following activities:

  1. Industrial waste biogas
  2. Power generation from biogas
  3. Power generation from solid industrial waste
  4. Promotional activities
  5. R & D, Resources assessment, technology up gradation and performance evaluation, etc.

3.0 Eligibility of Projects for Central Financial Assistance

Criteria based on type of wastes

3.1 The eligibility criteria on type of wastes will be :

  1. Projects based on any bio-waste from industrial / agro-industrial sector (excluding rice husk and bagasse) that requires pre-processing before utilisation for energy recovery).
  2. Projects for co-generation / power generation from available biogas.
  3. Mixing of other wastes of renewable nature, including rice husk, bagasse, sewage, cow-dung, other biomass and industrial effluents, including distillery effluents, upto a maximum of 25% will be permissible.
  4. Projects based on distillery effluents for generation of biogas, wastes from fossil fuels and waste heat (fuel gases) shall not be supported.

Criteria based on technologies:

3.2 The eligibility criteria for technologies will be:

  1. Projects based on waste-to energy conversion technologies, namely, biomethanation, combustion, or a combination thereof.
  2. Projects for generation of power from biogas through 100% biogas engines or steam turbines with a minimum steam pressure of 42 bar.

Criteria based on capacity

3.3 There will be minimum / maximum limit of project capacity