Implementation of National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) during 2004-05 Sanction Order.

1. Objectives :

  1. To provide fuel for cooking purposes and organic manure to rural households through family type biogas plants;
  2. To mitigate drudgery of rural women, reduce pressure on forests and accentuate social benefits;
  3. To improve sanitation in village by linking sanitation toilets with biogas plants.

Models and appliances:

(i) Approval models of biogas plant

Appropriate model of biogas plant should be selected on the basis of technical requirements such as location, distance between kitchen and cattle shed, availability of dung and water, preference of the beneficiaries etc. Approved models for family biogas plants are available for 1 to 6 cubic metre and 1 to 10 cubic metre capacities for fixed dom and floating drum type plants respectively. The commonly used capacities of these models are 1-4 cubic metres.

Model Specification / Ministry’s letter No. and date
Fixed dome biogas plant
i) Deenbandhu model with Brick masonry Code Practices (Second Revision), IS 947 1989 of the BIS, New Delhi.
ii) Deenbandhu ferrocement model with insim technique Ministries letter No. 13-11/ 99–BG dated 5–3–199
iii) Pre-fabricated RCC fixed dome model Ministries letter No. 13-10/ 96-BG dated 10-1-2002
Floating Drum Type
i) KVIC floating metal drum type Code Practices (second Revision), IS 947 1989 of the BIS, New Delhi.
ii) KVIC type plant with Ferro Cement digester and Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic FRP) Gas holder. Code Practice IS-12986 19 of BIS , New Delhi
iii) Pragati Model Code Practices (Second Revision), IS 94789 of the BIS, New Delhi.
Bag Type Digester
Flexi model Ministries letter No. 7-39/89-dated 14.7.98


(ii) Appliances

ISI marked (BIS code IS-8749: 1988) burning having a minimum of 55% thermal efficiency.