Accelerated Programme on Energy Recovery from urban Wastes - Sanction for the year 2005-06.


1.1 The main objectives of the proposal National Programme of Energy Recovery from Urban wastes are as follow:

  • To accelerate the promotion of setting up of projects for recovery of energy from urban wastes;
  • To create conducive conditions and environment, with fiscal and financial regime, to develop, demonstrate an disseminate utilisation of wastes for recovery of energy; and
  • To harness the available potential of MSW-to-energy by the year 2017.


2.1 The Scheme shall be implemented by Municipal Corporations, other Urban Local Bodies, Govt. Institutions and Private Developers having technical and managing capabilities for implementing such projects. In cases where debt financing is involved IREDA, financial institutions, or commercial banks shall forward the proposal to MNRE along with their Appraisal Notes and all the statutory clearances. An advance copy of the proposal may be sent to MNRE directly. In case of the self-financed projects, requests accompanies with Detailed Projects Reports and all the statutory clearances will need to be sent to MNRE before the commencement of execution work for the project.