Financial Assistance for Energy Recovery from Urban Wastes


3.1 Financial Assistance (FA) to be provided for projects based on different technologies and wastes will be as given below:

Commercial projects for MSW in fast track mode

3.2 Projects for power generation from MSW through a two stage process involving production of RDF by processing of MSW and it’s combustion for generation of power are proposed to be taken up in a fast track.

5.1. The financial assistance will be released by the Ministry in two installments ad follows:

  1. First installment of 50% of eligible subsidy to the FI (or the Lead FI) lending for the projects for onward release to the developer as contribution towards projects equity after release of the first installment of loan;
  2. Balance 50% of the eligible subsidy after successful commissioning of the project as per dpr norms and operation of the project for three months, including at least 72 hours continuous at a minimum of 80% of the rates capacity.

5.2 In case the project is set up by the developers through their own resources, Financial Assistance would be released directly to the developers after successful commissioning of the project.


Research & Development:

6.1 Financial support will be provided for R & D projects on cost sharing basis in accordance with the R&D policy of the MNRE. Financial support may also be provided for projects involving Applies R & D and Studies on resource assessment, technology upgradation and performance evaluation. This will be governed by the procedures/guidelines being issued by the R & d Division of MNRE separately.